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What you need for On Demand Deliveries

Are you running an online business? If yes, then you must be providing delivery services to your customers. If you are not providing such services to your customers then we would definitely suggest you to provide such services to your customers to be at the top of your game. The reason that we ask you to provide delivery services to your customers is because the shopping trends of people are changing drastically and shoppers now prefer to shop while staying at their homes. As the new generation is rising, the businesses have to cater the needs of this generation by providing them with seamless delivery services.
So how can you provide such delivery services to your customers? You might want to hire human resource to manage the delivery tasks. Yes, that is a good option but it’s certainly not the best option for you. We say this thing as human resource is proven to be much costly for you when you hire it for the management of deliveries. Moreover, there is a chance of human error when you try to handle the deliveries with the help of workers. So the real question is, what is the best idea?
A delivery management software works like a magic for handling the delivery errands of a business. No matter if you have to manage on demand deliveries or regular deliveries, the software makes sure that the delivery processes are up to the mark and according to the expectations of your customers. You might find a variety of such software in the market to manage your delivery errands, but every software doesn’t manage the delivery tasks perfectly. So where can you find such a software that helps you perfectly in the delivery errands?
Mile now have developed such delivery management software that can help you in the delivery errands perfectly. This software is developed after a thorough research on the needs of every business out there in the market. This is the reason that this software not only dispatches the packages seamlessly but it also helps the riders to reach their destinations and delivery the packages in lesser time, to help the businesses in managing the invoices, returns, marketing, etc. This software offers you with variety of functionalities packed in a single in single suite of applications.
The major features that can help you in the delivery errands are:

Digital Dispatch: 
Streamlines and dispatches the packages perfectly without any error.

Proof of Delivery: 
Makes sure that the package is delivered to the right customer every time.

Automated Invoices: 
Generates digital invoices to eliminate the paper work.

Route Optimization:
Updates the routes towards the destinations according to the real-time traffic situation.
Geo-enabled Location Services: Allows you to track the location of the riders, hence the status of the delivery.

Marketing: Allows you to market your brand and its promotions with the help of customer notifications.


Above mentioned are some of the features that our delivery dispatch software possesses. You can benefit from these and many more features my simply opting for our software. To obtain more information on our software, you can contact us anytime you want and we would be more than happy to assist you.


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